Robert Martin Barnes (Rob) was born in Sheffield in 1950, and lived in that area until 1989, when work brought him up to the North East of England.

He has one wife, four children, and seven grandchildren. They are all a joy to him. He spent his work career in what is now known as the IT sector. It wasn’t known as that in 1970, but the fantastic growth and opportunities in that sector, ensured an exciting and varied career, helping to grow companies both large and small, and providing their customers with business management systems which in turn gave them better control and information. A win-win!

He was in a position to ‘retire’ in 2013, a little before his due date, and he has spent the years since doing what he never seemed to have had time for previously – and keeping his time sat at a computer or a steering-wheel, to a minimum.

He enjoys walking, cycling, painting, and his guitars/ukuleles – and going back to Sheffield on occasion to watch his football team perpetually struggle. It’s a rite of passage, but a passage with a guttering light all too often.

Enjoy this series of essays, and write to him if you want.